High-tech equipment for the departments of radioisotope diagnostics and therapy
Through our more than 10-year healthcare sales and marketing experience on the post-Soviet market we have built solid relationships and sales networks that actively develop our business. Our competitive edge lies in the following areas:

• We offer quality products for nuclear medicine.
• We have complete logistics chain and licensed medical isotopes related activities.
• We have professional relationships with RND at federal and municipal levels.

Since 2013 - exclusive supplier of medical technologies for radiation therapy provided by BioProtect Ltd., Israel, to the markets of the CIS countries.

Since 2014 – exclusive supplier of medical isotopes produced by IZOTOP KFT., Hungary, to the markets of the CIS countries.
Goods and services
BioProtect Balloon Implant
IodoCap R1
I-131 Sodium Iodide
Transportation of radiation cargoes
BioProtect Balloon Implant – Protecting Healthy Tissue During External Beam Radiation Therapy of Prostate; Enabling Hypofractionation.

The innovative biodegradable balloon implant separates the prostate and rectum allowing physicians to radiate prostate tumors while sparing healthy rectal tissue. With the balloon implant, hypofractionation and dose escalation are finally made possible, dramatically decreasing the chances of patient G2 rectal toxicity and improving biochemical tumor control.
BioProtect Balloon Implant
Robotic dispensing system IodoCap R1 designed for preparation of capsules with wide range of therapeutic activities is the first and the only one in the world fully automatic dispensing module.

IodoCap R1 is opening up new opportunities for the nuclear medicine labs and radiological departments brining the revolutionary approach to personified patient care and complying with high radiation protection standards.

It allows to compound therapeutic capsules with accuracy impossible for manual operation and to substantially minimize the radiation exposure to personnel.
IodoCap R1
131I-Sodium-Iodide solution in NaHCO3 buffer containing sodium-thiosulphate with no carrier added.

Active ingredient for manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals by dilution with water or by capsule preparation, for oral administration.

Supplied in injection vial closed with rubber stopper and tear-off aluminum cap placed in a lead container in type A packaging.
Solution for manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical substance) 131I-Sodium-Iodide I-RA-7
MEDSNAB LLC, having the required licenses, provides comprehensive services for the supply of radiation sources of foreign and Russian manufactures "on a turn-key basis" by air and road transport, including customs clearance, insurance and transportation to the consignee's warehouse, as well as professional advice on the transportation procedure for each stage.

We render services on delivery of medical isotopes intended for use in medical radiological departments on a regular basis.
Transportation of radiation cargoes
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